12 Things to Do Before Applying for Google AdSense

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If you are a blogger and you want to make some good money so Google AdSense is indeed a good option to make some extra cash with your blog.

But now-a-days getting a Google AdSense account is not easy as before, therefore I would like you to follow some steps before applying for Google AdSense.

You must ask the following questions to yourself…

What is Google AdSense and how can I apply for Google AdSense?

Why Use Google AdSense?

Why Google AdSense rejects applications and what are the requirements of it?

First I will answer the above questions. Later I will discuss 15 things which you should do before applying for Google AdSense.

What is Google AdSense and how can I apply for Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is one of the best advertising programs, which offers ad publishing to publishers and uses Pay Per Click (PPC) system to pay publishers. It provides small script to add in your website which appears ads which are related to the content of web page. In the beginning, many years Google also gave AdSense account to those who were using blogger.com at that time getting AdSense Approval was so easy but now it is different, although today you can also get Google AdSense account but you need to take it seriously, don’t think about spamming or invalid click etc, these are things which are strictly prohibited in Google AdSense Program. You can apply for Google AdSense account from here.

Why Use Google AdSense?

If you want to make some extra cash with your blog so Google AdSense is a best choice because Google AdSense pay good amount of money as compared to any other ad network. There are many bloggers who are earning good amount of money using their blog and Google AdSense. Yes you can also make huge amounts of money if you do work in the right way and follow the Google Guidelines.

Why Google AdSense rejects applications and what are the requirements of it?

Here are some of the most common reasons and mistakes which mostly bloggers made when applying for Google AdSense and got rejected.

Read more Google AdSense requirements here

1. Insufficient content on blog/website

Blog or website does not have enough content to review by Google AdSense specialists.

Google says content is King, if your blog content is poorly written or have grammatical mistakes, Google will reject your application.

2. Blog/Website Design

Google gives importance to the website design, if someone using color scheme like dark yellow background color and having red text color so you will close this website because it is irritating and hard to understand, if your blog does not give professional look Google will reject your application.

3. No Privacy Policy, About and Contact page

Every blog/website must have Privacy Policy, About and Contact pages before applying to

Google AdSense, these shows that you are professional blogger and you knows about Google AdSense policies, because Google already mentioned it in their AdSense policy.

4. Other Common Mistakes

There are many other mistakes which bloggers made, such as website with copy content, bad user experience, placement of navigation and content with excessive keywords, getting traffic from surfing website and etc.

So you must follow the below guidelines and implement them before applying for Google AdSense account.

12 Things to Do Before Applying for Google AdSense

1. Privacy Policy:

One of the most important things that every blog/website should have is privacy policy, especially when you want to apply for Google AdSense, it describes the readers that what they will get and what they should not do, it also describe about the cookies which third parties uses such as Google AdSense also uses cookies, readers should know about it, so if readers are agree with these conditions they can stay on your blog, if they are not agree they can leave it.

2. About Page:

This page is also considered as important part for any blog, you should need to provide information about you such as who you are, what you do, provide your contact information also and you also need to tell about your blog so that readers may know about your blog niche.

3. Contact Page:

There are different kinds of people, some may like what you write and some may don’t, or may be possible sometimes you made any mistake or sometimes readers wants to give their feedback about your blog so contact page can help them to communicate with you, you should have contact page, along with professional domain email like info@yourblog.com, you can also add your social networks so that they can contact you, this will also show Google AdSense team that you are not only care about money but you also care about your blog readers and ready to help them if they want.

4. Name & Email Verification:

Before apply for Google AdSense, make sure that you put your name and email address in some easy to reach or visible part of your blog such as blog footer or you can also put it at your about page or contact page. This will also help Google AdSense team to make sure that you are the same person who applied for AdSense program.

5. Age Verification:

Google AdSense program is not for people who are under 18. If you are not 18 yet so you are not eligible for it, providing incorrect age will not help you so be honest and if you are under 18 don’t apply for it until you reach 18.

6. Minimum Number of Blog Posts:

Many people asked this question that is there any minimum number of posts limit? Google didn’t say anything about it, there is actually conflict between bloggers, some says number of posts does not count and some says, yes it count.

I’m one of them who believe that number of blog post does count, because I think if any blogger who does not have even 10 blog posts and applying for AdSense, more chances that his application will be rejected. I advise that your blog at least should have good 40 to 50 blog posts with more than 500 to 700 words on each post.

7. Design:

Indeed design is also important factor, if your blog design looks messy or hard to read text for readers so you must need to change your blog design before apply, make sure content on your blog is ready to readable, navigation should be simple and clean. Your blog design will represent your expertise and professionalism.

8. Prohibited content:

Remember that Google AdSense is not for all, there is some content type limitation so make sure your content is not violating AdSense policies. Google AdSense program is not for illegal items, drugs related site or content, pirated content, non-English content and pornographic content. Read more about it here

9. Love blogging Not Money:

Yes it is true that money is need and many bloggers are blogging for money, but the only way to become a successful blogger is to give value to your content and your readers, your each blog post should help your readers and give them some valuable information which solve their problems, don’t clearly state that you are blogging for money and you don’t care about your readers. Always remember successful bloggers are only those who give value to their readers.

10. Top Level Domain:

In the beginning Google used to approve AdSense application of Blogspot or WordPress.com blogs, but today it is not possible, you must have your own Top Level Domain to apply for Google AdSense, don’t apply for AdSense with subdomain blogs.

11. Other Ad Networks:

If you are using any other ad network like Chitika, Clicksor or any other so remove it from your blog, although AdSense allows other ad networks but it is more better to remove ads of any other network before apply for Google AdSense, after getting approval from AdSense team you can put them back.

12. Traffic from Search Engines:

If your blog does not have search engine traffic so do not apply for AdSense, a quality blog will receive traffic from search engine which is a genuine and targeted traffic, if your blog traffic is low then first do some optimization of blog and write more quality and lengthy posts to get traffic from search engines. A blog should have 200 to 300 search engine visitors on daily basis. Although many people do not agree with this but if you have traffic from search engine, chances are high to get approval from AdSense.

Also remember don’t get paid traffic, Google hates paid traffic, mostly blogs that are penalized by Google used paid traffic, try to bring traffic from the search engines, related blogs and social media. Learn about SEO and get real traffic on your blog.

After Applied for Google AdSense

Now you have applied for Google AdSense, if you have followed the above guidelines and your AdSense account is approved so Google will provide you script place that script on your blog where you want to display ads, at first there will be no ad display on your blog, after placing ad, your AdSense account will be into review and AdSense team will again check your blog, if you get this final approval then ads will be appear on your blog. This is a recent changes made by Google AdSense, in this you need to go through 2 steps of verification.

It’s Your Turn

I have shared my experienced with you, if you think I missed any important point so let me know, also share your experience with AdSense with me. 🙂

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Javed Ur Rehman is a User Interface, PHP developer and blogger, he loves to write web development tutorial and blogging tips.

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