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After non exfoliative lattice laser surgery?

It is believed that many people do not know the basic principle of non exfoliative laser dot matrix surgery, let alone the post-operative medical care method of this kind of surgical treatment. Therefore, it is suggested that everyone can master the contents described in detail below. Non exfoliative laser dot matrix surgery is to repair the potholes on the skin according to the laser of special light wavelength. In addition, it is very good for shrinking pores. However, we should follow the following contents for postoperative medical care and preparation before surgical treatment.

  1. Detailed introduction to basic principles:

The key effect of non peeling lattice laser is to “lattice laser” the laser according to the laser effect of special light wavelength on the skin (a laser beam is divided into many laser beams, which is mainly shown as one point on the skin). The fine light sent is effective on the skin and produces several fine and micro heat damage areas (no wound and scar), The resulting energy irritating subcutaneous tissue collagen powder reconstitutes, astringes pores, makes the skin more compact and malleable, condenses part of the expanded capillary, eliminates red blood filaments, speeds up the basic metabolism of the skin and desalinates age spots.

  1. What are the differences between exfoliative lattice laser and non exfoliative lattice laser?

After the treatment of non peeling dot matrix laser, it is not easy to scar, and the repair time is short. After the treatment of peeling dot matrix laser, there are also subtle wounds, which will scar, and the repair time is relatively longer.

The actual effect of peeling laser dot matrix is better for scars with serious dents and deeper static data wrinkles (the kind that can occur without making small expressions)~

Be able to choose the treatment method according to my skin condition and requirements~

  1. Preparation before treatment:
  2. Clean the face before treatment, and no residual skin care products are allowed.
  3. Those who have recently been exposed to the sun should indicate to the doctor before treatment.
  4. Before surgical treatment, it is clear that there is no infectious disease or other human inflammation.
  5. Make up is not necessary before operation.
  6. Post treatment care:

Pay attention to moisturizing and sunscreen isolation after operation: prevent sun exposure, wear a sun hat and a sun umbrella when going out, and apply sunscreen isolation products externally. According to my skin type and condition, after treatment, it may be slightly reddish and some may be a little swollen. It’s all normal. It’ll be fine in many hours! If there is a slight scab after the operation, it is also a normal condition. Don’t panic. Let the scab fall down automatically and don’t peel off forcibly!

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