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Can acne pits be removed? Is dot matrix laser effective in removing acne pits?

Can acne pits be removed? Is dot matrix laser effective in removing acne pits? I believe many people have a problem. When they grow acne, they can’t help but want to squeeze. When they squeeze out white secretions, they will feel very sour. Pox pit is a kind of defect scar. It is said that now dot matrix laser can easily remove pox pit. Is it really effective?

How are acne pits formed?

“Pox pit” is the sequelae of acne. Early acne develops in hair follicles. First, due to various reasons such as sebaceous gland shedding, excessive oil secretion and incomplete cleaning, the pores were blocked, and the sebum secreted by the skin could not be eliminated in time. Bacteria began to multiply in the hair follicle, and the body started the defense system to fight with bacteria in the hair follicle.

If the bacteria are eliminated, the pores are dredged, the waste in the hair follicle is discharged, and the skin returns to normal. If the acne is not treated in time, the wrong way to squeeze the acne will also rupture the hair follicle, leading to bacteria leading to the battlefield, fatty alcohol, and later form acne pits.

From the point of view that the lattice laser can destroy the original skin tissue and promote skin regeneration, the lattice laser has a better effect of removing acne pits. The reason why dot matrix laser has the effect of removing acne pits is that acne pits are local necrosis of skin tissue caused by skin cell inflammation, resulting in subcutaneous tissue defect scars. After dot matrix laser treatment, new skin cells will replace acne pits. Therefore, dot matrix laser has a better effect of removing acne pits. It is worth mentioning that if there are acne pits, do non exfoliative lattice laser and exfoliative lattice laser respectively. Generally, there will be a better effect of removing acne pits with two prongs.

What is the application scope of dot matrix laser?

  1. Dot matrix laser is suitable for removing wrinkles: hand, neck and face wrinkles (especially around the mouth and orbit wrinkles), reducing deep head lifting lines and stretch marks.
  2. Dot matrix laser can also remove scars and acne, especially for acne scars, trauma scars, postoperative scars and frostbite scars.
  3. Dot matrix laser can improve chloasma and treat skin superficial pigmented diseases, such as freckles, coffee spots, senile spots and other pigmented diseases.
  4. Dot matrix laser can improve photoaging skin and coarse pores, and thicken * * * layer.
  5. Dot matrix laser is used to cut and vaporize skin vegetations, such as warts, nevus, actinic keratosis, seborrheic keratosis, sebaceous adenoma, syringoma, eye bags, hemangioma, red blood filament, etc.

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