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Do More with WordPress

WordPress is known as Leading Content management Solutions across the world. With plugins and their inherent features still you can do a lot more in WordPress although it already have 60% of CMS market shares.

Here we are discussing about what you can still to do by WordPress.

Online Store

By using WooCommerce plugin with WordPress you can host eCommerce store. Now a day Woo Themes and Woo Commerce are popular e commerce WordPress plugins

Woo Commerce Features

Sales reports, Product catalogue through inventory management, product reviews, efficient filtering on multiple parameters, coupons, promotions, campaigns support, multiple tax classes which meet on every country’s commerce rules, multiple payment ways like PayPal, Stripe,, tracking sales, shipment, delivery and also support for extensions…. A plugin for a plugin).Example you can create date-based bookings for appointments, services or rentals.  


WP Multisite creates a network of websites by one admin managing the whole network. Each site has distinct or a similar setup of theme, widgets and plugins. WordPress Multisite is a solution for network of bloggers or university through one site of every department but its not suitable for personal blog.

You can started
Set up multisite feature through adding following line in the wp-config.php file

Multilingual website

For hosting a multilingual website in multiple languages like French, English for that WordPress has a solution. There are two ways to create a multilingual website:

  • Manually translate site’s content
  • Use machine translation algorithm example Google or Bing Translate

Manually Translation

The manual method is of higher quality than machine translation. Polylang WordPress plugin is professionally managing multilingual versions of the pages like date time formats, tags, categories and custom taxonomies. There are many other plugins like xili-language and WPGlobus

Machine Translation

Translation done by machine is not of high standards, sometime incorrect translations but close to actual meaning.
There are many plugins like Bing Website Translator and Google Website Translator WPML this is WordPress multisite setup having different languages for each site.
WPML has the ability to manage attachments in many languages and supports e commerce translation. It is a paid plugin starting fee is $29 USD renewal annually at $15.

Social Network

You can also create a social network through BuddyPress. Social networks are ideal for interacting with audience. BuddyPress allow the visitors to sign-up by creating profiles and make friends, post messages and also view activity streams
It is ideal to maintain in house policy everything about the site, stays in the domain like social network only for specific university, school or colleges or use as communicative tool for your company.


bbPress plugin  is fully integrated with WordPress so you can create a complete forum without installing different forum software like IPBoard or phpBB.
It has multiple features such as you can create multiple forum categories with multiple topics at each forum, you can replies to individual topic, bbPress has specific shortcodes and widgets and also support for as same extensions as in Woo Commerce.

  • Extension

bbPress plugin notify sends email notification to users when there are new topics or replies posted GD bbPress tool enhance the BBCode support, additional custom views, user signatures, reply quotes and many other admin features


WordPress is secure as compared to the other software by using plugins like ithemes securityor sucuri.
If you need a rock solid security then switch to Copied WordPress hosting provider like TrafficPlanet or WPEngine

·Landing Pages

Landing pages grows your business. The more targeted landing pages higher the ROI.
WordPress offers to create custom landing pages through custom post types with some coding.

There are some plugins, which helps to create perfect landing page

You will get all the features of these plugin from Landing Page plugins for WordPress.

Multi Purpose Website

A single multipurpose Word Press theme can host many websites; example Total WordPress theme WP Explorer theme can be used for educational institutions, businesses, landing page for web hosting company.
In the wide range of multi-purpose WordPress themes present in the market, it’s difficult to find the right theme for your project. For any type of blog, it is best to select a theme that has three features responsive, clean and from a trusted developer.

Job Board

For creating a job board there is no need for expensive software or a complicated setup. You can create a regular job board through WP Job Board plugin.

I admit that creating a job broad is not easy either you are a blogger or web developer or entrepreneur.
The main features of job broad plugin are you can browse or manage job listings and applicants, control employer or employee profiles with user resumes, job alters, RSS feeds, discounted codes, browse jobs through advance filtering, import export job listings, support for multiple job types or categories, customizable, paid job listing with resume access, payments through PayPal or stripe.
WordPress Job Board starts for single site license at rate $97, for a business license at rate $199. WordPress job board plugins incorporates jobify, wpjobus, jobengine, jobera and suburbs.

What way you are using Word Press? Have I left any way to use word press? We would like to know?

Illahi Bux

A freelancer Web & Mobile Developer,Trainer and Project Rescue. Help people in web & mobile developing for a variety of clients both near and far to grow the truthfully and embrace their lives through creativity.

A freelancer Web & Mobile Developer,Trainer and Project Rescue. Help people in web & mobile developing for a variety of clients both near and far to grow the truthfully and embrace their lives through creativity.

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