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Dot matrix laser pox pit what is the effect of dot matrix laser pox pit removal

1、 Dot matrix laser pitting

Seeing that others have white, tender and smooth skin, like flawless skin like freshly peeled eggs, and then looking at their imperfect skin, do you secretly envy, envy and hate? Try dot matrix laser pox surgery.

Dot matrix laser pox pit what is the effect of dot matrix laser pox pit removal

  1. Introduction to dot matrix laser technology:

Dot matrix laser technology is the latest and hottest skin beauty technology in the United States in the past two years. It is also the latest skin beauty technology most concerned by the global skin industry. It is a minimally invasive treatment between invasive and non-invasive.

  1. Working principle of dot matrix laser technology:

Lattice is just a mode of laser emission. Dot matrix laser therapy is to evenly punch tiny holes on the skin with laser, and then cause a series of skin biochemical reactions, so as to achieve the effect of tightening, rejuvenating and removing color spots. Since the dot matrix laser treatment will only cover part of the skin tissue, and the newly punched holes will not overlap each other, part of the normal skin will be retained and the recovery will be accelerated.

  1. Dot matrix laser indications:

Treatment of acne and acne scars, scars, etc.

Removal of fine lines and dry lines around the eyes such as eyelids and crow’s feet.

Effectively improve facial and forehead wrinkles, joint wrinkles and stretch marks.

Treatment of pigmented lesions such as freckles and zygomatic mother spots.

Tighten and enhance the skin.

Stretch marks and other deep scars.

2、 What is the effect of dot matrix laser in removing acne pits

1、 Making pox pits grow and “filling them up” out of thin air is something that cannot be achieved by medical means at present;

2、 Dot matrix laser is to burn the surrounding area since it can’t be filled well, push everything back, and use its own self-healing ability to grow well again;

3、 Because of the fragility and importance of facial skin, the degree of each treatment or burning should not be too heavy. If it exceeds the self-healing ability, it will be a tragedy. This is the reason why this operation needs to be performed many times. Of course, each person’s situation is different, and the number of treatments required is different. However, there is a common and annoying problem here. The doctor is afraid that you are too expensive and uses marketing means. She refuses to tell you how many times you need treatment at one time. This is very annoying. When you go once, she says twice, and twice tells you to go three times. Moreover, many hospitals do intend to make money from the operation. Of course, the doctor may not know how many times, However, the feeling that you can’t run when the fish is hooked is still too obvious. If you have the conditions, you’d better find an acquaintance to ask what your treatment needs. At least ask the light and heavy, and have a psychological expectation. Otherwise, it’s very uncomfortable to come again and again. The recovery of this operation will take a week, and the time arrangement is also important;

4、 Don’t give up once. The first time has a reference value for the doctor, because she doesn’t dare to fully open her fire for the first time, so she is relatively conservative. Adjust the second treatment according to the degree of bleeding and recovery of your first time. So when I finished the first time, the doctor asked me to remember a value and tell her when I went the second time;

3、 What are the advantages of dot matrix Laser Acne pit scar removal

Dot matrix laser treatment of scars is to evenly punch tiny holes on the skin with a laser. The laser can penetrate the deep layer of the dermis, improve the blood circulation of the skin, rearrange the elastic fibers of the dermis and increase the effect of collagen tissue, so as to make the concave scars bulge and fill.

The biggest advantage of dot matrix laser is “micro bridge” segmented treatment. The large light spot is decomposed into several small beams to act on the scar. Each time, only part of the scar is treated by laser, and the untreated part is like a bridge between the scar tissue damaged by laser treatment. In this way, the damaged part after treatment heals faster and the treatment is safer.

Treatment advantages:

  1. Traditional Chinese medicine conditioning and deep treatment: selected high-grade and high-quality traditional Chinese medicine can effectively promote skin softening, smoothing, antipruritic and repair scars. Significantly promote blood circulation, prevent blood clots and scars, and inhibit virus growth.
  2. Safe and painless: no irritation, no tingling, no anesthesia, no hospitalization, free control, no side effects, safe and reliable. Unlike the traditional dermabrasion, there is no flesh and blood blur. After treatment, there is no bandage, rapid recovery, and no impact on daily work and life.
  3. Wide range of application: various skin types can be applied. The treatment position includes not only the face, but also the neck, chest, abdomen, arms, back of hands, legs and feet.
  4. Rapid effect: the scab of the wound falls off automatically after more than 4-7 days. After 3-6 courses of treatment, the local skin of the patient is improved to varying degrees, the scar range is significantly reduced, the appearance is close to flat, and the pigment tends to be uniform. Its unique planing effect can make the skin surface smooth and bright.

4、 Precautions after dot matrix laser pox pit removal

Before the scab falls off, the treatment area does not contact with water, do not rub, and avoid spicy, tobacco and wine. In recent times, fast food with dark color, such as coffee and coke. Let the scab fall off by itself and do not peel off by force.

Do not take part in intense exercise before scab shedding, so as not to cause infection after sweating.

Pay attention to sunscreen after operation: avoid direct sunlight, wear a sun hat and a sun umbrella when going out, and use sunscreen products for external use. Products with high safety and good sunscreen effect should be selected: UVB sunscreen factor (SPF) “30; UVA sun protection factor (PFA) + +; Physical sunscreen with large R factor.

  1. Dot matrix laser freckle removal:

Freckles: brown spots from the tip of a needle to the size of a grain of rice, scattered on the cheeks and the bridge of the nose. They usually exist in childhood and always exist.

Liver spots: brown spots that gradually increase after the age of 25. Most of them appear symmetrically on both cheeks. The color is similar to that of cooked pig liver. Therefore, they are called liver spots and have nothing to do with liver disease.

Zygomatic nevus: after puberty, clusters of spots from gray blue needles to the size of rice grains gradually appear on both zygomatic bones or under the lateral sides of both eyes. A few patients have familial inheritance.

  1. Dot matrix laser wrinkle removal:

Dot matrix laser wrinkle removal mainly uses ultra pulsed carbon dioxide laser, which uses its strong beam to release instantly, directly radiate heat energy to the skin, tighten the subcutaneous tissues such as collagen, promote the proliferation of subcutaneous collagen fibers and elastic fibers, and restore the skin to youth. Laser wrinkle removal can smooth fine lines and scars, making the skin or scars smoother.