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How about freckle removal? What are the advantages of dot matrix laser freckle removal?

How about freckle removal? Some faces are clean and flawless, while others are spotted, which makes them look particularly uncomfortable. What is the reason for the spots on the face? What is the principle of laser freckle removal? What are the advantages of dot matrix laser freckle removal? Today, I’ll take you to have a look!

1、 There are many reasons for color spots, mainly the following:

UV: This is an important reason for the formation and aggravation of pigment spots such as chloasma. Ultraviolet light can directly make melanocytes produce too many melanosomes.

Estrogen effect: some color spots, such as chloasma, are related to estrogen. Pregnancy and oral contraceptives may induce color spots. The increased levels of estrogen, progesterone or related hormones will increase the activity of melanocytes, resulting in the production and deepening of color spots.

Genetic factors: chromosomal inheritance is the main cause of facial freckles, mostly from children around the age of 5, mostly women, heavy in spring and summer and light in autumn and winter. Light brown to yellowish brown spots from the tip of the needle to the size of rice grain are symmetrically distributed on the face (especially the nose).

2、 Principle of dot matrix laser freckle removal:

From the classification of skin spots: there are long-term spots such as nevus of Ota and nevus fuscocyanus; There are also freckles, coffee spots, age spots and other epidermal spots. The principle of laser freckle removal is to emit light of specific wavelength through the laser beauty instrument. The high energy gathered by the laser decomposes and breaks the pigment, which is discharged out of the body with the normal metabolism of the human body. So as to achieve the effect of freckle and whitening. Since the light of a specific wavelength can only be selectively absorbed by pigments, laser freckle removal will not damage the normal parts of the skin.

3、 Advantages of dot matrix laser freckle removal:

Compared with drug treatment and skin care product conditioning, dot matrix laser freckle removal can directly and effectively remove skin pigment and excrete it out of the body or metabolize it through internal circulation. Dot matrix laser freckle removal belongs to minimally invasive cosmetic surgery. The wound is only for long spots. Generally, there is no bleeding during treatment, the skin recovers quickly, and usually there is no trace.

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