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How much is a dot matrix laser? How much is the price of dot matrix laser at a time?

How much is a dot matrix laser? How much is the price of dot matrix laser at a time? Staying fox plastic surgery doesn’t know the sisters around you. Is there anyone who doesn’t know dot matrix laser, which is a new development of beauty laser in recent years. The traditional laser emission mode is transformed into pixel mode and micropore mode, which is suitable for the treatment of different parts and different skin types respectively. It is used in the treatment of chloasma, pigmentation, poor skin color, poor skin quality, large pores, small wrinkles, superficial scars, superficial acne scars, etc. Well, many people are concerned about the price: how much is a dot matrix laser? How much is the price of dot matrix laser at a time? Stay fox plastic surgery: the price is generally about 2000-5000 yuan.

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The price of lattice laser is affected by various factors. The specific factors affecting the price of lattice laser are as follows:

  1. It is related to the choice of hospitals: the charging standard of each hospital is different. Because the qualification, medical equipment, medical environment and doctors’ professional technology of each hospital are different, the price of dot matrix laser is also different.
  2. It is related to the number of treatments: because the beauty seeker has a small treatment area, but the symptoms are very serious, he needs multiple treatments to completely improve, so the price is naturally higher than that of one treatment.
  3. It is related to the treatment site: because everyone’s situation is different, some people only need to treat local areas, while others need comprehensive treatment. Therefore, the price of dot matrix laser treatment is different.
  4. Related to instruments: at present, lattice laser instruments are divided into domestic and imported instruments. The treatment effect of imported instruments is very good, so its treatment will be higher than that of domestic instruments.
  5. It is related to regional differences: the prices and per capita consumption level in each region are different, resulting in different hospital charging standards. Therefore, the cost of treatment must be affected.

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