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How much is a dot matrix laser? Specific factors affect the price of dot matrix laser?

Dot matrix laser is to use laser to drill micro holes evenly on the skin, so as to form three areas of thermal stripping, thermal solidification and thermal effect in the skin layer; Then it causes a series of skin biochemical reactions, stimulates the skin to repair itself, and achieves the effect of firming, rejuvenating and removing color spots. Compared with traditional laser therapy, dot matrix laser is more widely used in clinic; It can be used to treat skin problems such as youth acne marks, small wrinkles, skin aging, chloasma, coffee spots, large pores and dull, especially for youth acne marks.

The price of lattice laser is about tens of millions at a time. Due to various factors, the specific factors affecting the price of lattice laser are as follows:

  1. It is related to the choice of hospitals: the charging standard of each hospital is different. Because the qualification, medical equipment, medical environment and doctors’ professional technology of each hospital are different, the price of dot matrix laser is also different.
  2. It is related to the number of treatments: because the beauty seeker has a small treatment area, but the symptoms are very serious, he needs multiple treatments to completely improve, so the price is naturally higher than that of one treatment.
  3. Related to the treatment site: because everyone’s situation is different, some people need local treatment, and some people need comprehensive treatment, so the price of dot matrix laser treatment is different.
  4. Related to instruments: at present, lattice laser instruments are divided into domestic and imported instruments. The treatment effect of imported instruments is very good, so its treatment will be higher than that of domestic instruments.
  5. It is related to regional differences: the prices and per capita consumption level in each region are different, resulting in different hospital charging standards. Therefore, the cost of treatment must be affected.

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