How to be a Great Web Designer by Adopting few Psychological Tricks

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It’s difficult to understand what other human want? Like how he reacted in that? What’s he thinking? Why they use this product most?

  • Behavior of Human

There are many factors, which influenced human behavior such as presence of others, colour of suit he wears and so on.One thing you have to understand that what people click most or what’s attracted them most.
Here we discuss some research that why few web sites are effective among others. It’s necessary to know what theories are applied to your work, which based on research.

  • Psychological Affect of Colour

A research of Satyendra published in peer- reviewed Describes, a buyer make opinion for a product with in 90 second and 62 to 90% of opinions are depend upon the colour.

Graeme Winchester a designer at a soap agency, indicates the importance of psychology of colour in their designs
"Colour schemes influenced mood and feelings, critical to website designing and for brand success. It is the key of keeping customer of right type on your site."
By this research we can go through to any website for ensuring that it perform as well as it possibly can.

  • Calm Blue
    Do not use blue to marketing of food products, blue colour decrease appetite, in the presence of red colour people want to eat more.

Both men and women select blue as a favorite colour, because blue makes people feel calm and secure.

  • Fun with Yellow

Variety of brands use yellow colour to show fun and accessible easily. It symbolizes happiness. Excitement of brain’s can be stimulated by yellow colour, different things can mean for different people.
For some it will heighten emotion result euphoric
For others heightened emotion can manifest it self as anxiety

  • Creative Green

Organic products are associated with green colour. Psychologically green means to heal and boost creativity.

  • Elegant Black

Black shows power, elegance, and luxury, so people relate it with timeless classy products.

  • How I get customer to do what I want

Getting Customers to do what I want;(eg: buy our product; use our web site; try a new service? )
Attraction is power and the trick is to make them want to do what you want them to do is the extreme priority. There are some theories.

  • Engage or interactivity

Research shows that using multiple type of media such as videos, photos it make website more effective. Make website interactive to get users to click around.

  • Get fatigue

Psychologically by seeing more option customer get confused to decide, when too many options given they select nothing. So decease options calls to an action.

  • Layout of Text

Jennifer cooper (president of marketing Research Company Buyer synthesis), suggesting that shorten the line length by adding a right aligned image.
"With short attention spans, a picture is worth a thousand words. Picture communicates positively. Brand specific attributes will encourage people and keep them on site longer",
"Once people motivated to understand how ever will read quit a bit of content so make sure it’s available"
According to research people prefer to read short lines, so web design starts with short column leads to a normal width line, which helps to read faster.

  • Cueing

Want user to see some thing? Add arrows pointing at or photo of a face to looking at. We focus there, at which someone gazing automatically, this trick can be helpful so be sure when using a photo of human face it’s looking at some thing, which is important.

  • Specific Term

Events, people short-term thoughts and adding related cues, process called priming, can impact on action. Like near Halloween products are of Orange colour is more likely chosen because at that time decorations around make the colour mentally salient?

  • Psychology of Gestalt

This research is based upon how large amount of information is uniting in to one whole. User looks over all on the page. Start with wire frames, the big picture and the whole structure so the individual component will fall into the place.

  • Initial Step

Foot in the door phenomena is shown time to time; involve asking a small favor with a Click Here or Read This. According to Jennifer cooper "if get customer on yes train, will be successful on bigger asks, when they commit they want to start slow so give them a way in to your services that can be ramped up"

  • Explain Reason

Ellen Langer in the Xerox experiment describe,
"If people have reason they will do more even this reason is completely meaningless."
The powerful thing you do to get clients by explaining why you have to take this action or why you want certain things from them.

  • Interpreting

Psychology is not a degree to completely merge this research in your website designs, all it take cleverness and concentrate to right information. Here some tips to help you.

  • Google is Scholar

When you make up your design in your mind first start-searching question to Google
Like how to change brain’s chemistry? What first think come in mind related with red colour.

  • Make decisions on the bases of original Research

Articles often overstate the importance of conclusion, so be sure where article come from or reference or head of source, don’t read the whole paper unless you have a background in the research. Focus on the method (sample size), discussion (interesting implication and limitation) and the conclusion (found from research)

  • Cultural Difference

Few things are universal such as emotions, however evidence of this research can be interpreted different cross culturally. Understand at where research produced? On what it applies and for whom you designed?

Do you agree that psychology play an important role in making effective website design?

Do you use psychological trick in your designs?
Please share your comments

Illahi Bux

A freelancer Web & Mobile Developer,Trainer and Project Rescue. Help people in web & mobile developing for a variety of clients both near and far to grow the truthfully and embrace their lives through creativity.

A freelancer Web & Mobile Developer,Trainer and Project Rescue. Help people in web & mobile developing for a variety of clients both near and far to grow the truthfully and embrace their lives through creativity.

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