Is it reasonable for dot matrix laser to remove acne marks

Dot matrix laser is one of the most effective methods to treat acne pits at this stage. Dot matrix laser to remove acne marks is not to thin the good skin, which is flush with the skin at the bottom of the pit. Only the deep-seated stem cell beauty of irritating dermis (including mesenchymal stem cell beauty in dermis, stem cell beauty of accessories such as hair follicle, sebaceous gland and skin gland) is more active, and promotes the newborn of skin. After dot matrix laser removing acne marks, fibroblasts in dermis are stimulated, and many of them produce cultivation matrix components such as collagen powder, elastic protein and hyaluronic acid. Therefore, after laser surgery, the skin continues to repair the original dented acne marks.

How often is dot matrix laser used to remove acne marks reasonable

Generally, once every 1-3 months, about 2-5 times, can have obvious treatment effect, and the improvement level of the most serious scar can also be more than 50%. In addition, the lighter pockmarks and pockmarks can be invisible after treatment.

  1. Does dot matrix laser have a good effect in removing acne and printing

Laser dot matrix treatment of acne and pockmarks on the face is generally effective for the first time, and significant practical results can be obtained after continuous treatment for 3 times. For those seeking beauty who have large acne pits or deep acne pits, it is recommended to continue treatment for more than 5 times, and the clinical treatment efficiency can reach 100%.

  1. Dot matrix laser to acne will happen

Although dot matrix laser to remove acne marks is a reasonable medical and cosmetic way to treat deep acne scars, it can not be guaranteed that it will not occur after treatment. Because the existence of acne marks comes from acne on the face, and the cause of acne on the face is related to the abundant androgen metabolism, blocked hair follicles, self squeezing acne and poor diet structure during puberty. If this factor is not changed, then the dot matrix laser will occur after the acne printing is done.

  1. How to prevent dot matrix Laser Acne printing will occur
  2. In order to prevent the onset of dot matrix laser acne removal after treatment, beauty seekers need to prevent some desserts, milk and greasy ingredients. Because these three kinds of ingredients will cause acne on the face, resulting in acne marks.
  3. There is no need to squeeze acne to prevent purulent inflammation and inflammatory acne on the face.
  4. When the surface dot matrix laser is used to remove acne marks, you also need to pay attention to facial cleaning. It is common to clean your face with warm water. In that way, unnecessary vegetable oils on the face can be removed and the possibility of acne and acne marks on the face caused by hair follicle blockage can be reduced.

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