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Watch Apple! Forget the item of Fashion Lovers. The new MacBook however delighted. Although is only a toy for many deadly serious some age group, but the real highlight for me, the supporter of the future and my future work computer.

Shape! Apple has eggs, golden even if we want to be exact. With the new MacBook , the boys and girls trust something that celebrates the legendary Apple unconventional spirit. And yet, the new mobile computer is used for many Mac intern provide for sleepless nights. Buy or rather let stand at the Apple Store?

Let us first summarize the facts together.

The Pros of the new MacBooks:

  • Innovative Retina Display in the extreme form factor (smaller and lighter than the MacBook Air).
  • No fan, absolutely silent.
  • Better keyboard and revolutionary, pressure-sensitive trackpad.
  • Color selection to match the iPhone and iPad (Silver, Space Grey and gold).
  • Despite its small size, very good battery performance (up to 10 hours).

The Cons of the new MacBooks:

  • Only one USB port (USB 3.1 Type-C) for all connections (power, USB, monitor) = lots of new adapter.
  • No more Thunderbolt.
  • Limited to 8 GB of memory (soldered).
  • More expensive than the MacBook Air the same price (entry level) for MacBook Pro with Retina Display (13-inch but with more memory (= 256 GB    MacBook, MacBook Pro Retina = 128 GB)
  • FaceTime camera with low resolution (480p).

USB C: Minimalism in its radical nature

The absence of Thunderbolt and the restriction to a single USB 3.1 port (Type-C) are a clear knock-out criterion for the new MacBook for quite a few skeptics. So clear? . Not really Thunderbolt I have – as probably the vast majority of Mac users – not used to this day. Granted, that deserved niche of the universal interface is also owed ​​much to the wrong product and licensing policy Apples fact is, though. The vast majority of "normal" user uses Thunderbolt alone for connecting a monitor. However, this may also USB-C, because DisplayPort is incorporated – oddly enough, the new MacBook, however, only the version 1.2. Thinks 4K displays can be connected 5K monitors but not yet. Given.

Accessories Manufacturers rub before the hands, even Apple offers three Adpater soon. In the future, there will certainly be other, less expensive solutions, including hubs. This guarantee then similar to the larger Adpater Apple simultaneous charging of the computer and connect more peripherals. In short: Unlike Thunderbolt USB 3.1 is a true "mass technology" – blessed ie cheaper and with better chance of success

Buying decision to the new MacBook: my personal view

As for my personal buying decision. I feel currently in the year 2011 recalls. At that time it was stuck between a MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro SuperDrive to decide (both 13 inches). The reason exhorted the acquisition of the Pro-model, finally upgrade low. In the end it was then but the Air. The cause? The better, because higher-resolution display and much less weight.

In the similar way: The MacBook Air comes off to become the low display resolution. Therefore he called the showdown: MacBook vs. MacBook Pro with Retina Display. The latter cost me each with 256 GB of flash memory  even 200 Euros more than the smallest new MacBook. On the additional interfaces I can do without. But this I get an ultra mobile and silent machine – even the desired color can I choose me. As a scribbler I am not one of the power users review : Apple probably has today launched my new workstation – Thanks The only downer. The currency-related price increases,


MacBook: Wireless in the future

In the conclusion I would say  How much do we really need MacBook ? . If we are honest with ourselves, a few should not get along well with the new MacBook. The trend towards wireless connections and storage systems shall be held consistently continuing. This has rarely been so illustrated in this new mobile computer from Apple.

Illahi Bux

A freelancer Web & Mobile Developer,Trainer and Project Rescue. Help people in web & mobile developing for a variety of clients both near and far to grow the truthfully and embrace their lives through creativity.

A freelancer Web & Mobile Developer,Trainer and Project Rescue. Help people in web & mobile developing for a variety of clients both near and far to grow the truthfully and embrace their lives through creativity.

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