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Nursing and maintenance after dot matrix laser freckle removal

1、 Principle and process of dot matrix laser freckle removal

Each laser beam of the dot matrix laser is a brand-new laser beam. These laser beams are extremely small and emit very fast. They are emitted quickly with time difference, which makes people feel that they are emitted to the skin at the same time. The design of the dot matrix laser makes the heat of the laser beam reach the skin in several times, giving the skin a buffer period to bear the heat, which has a better effect in reducing pain and side effects.

Dot matrix laser freckle removing care and maintenance after dot matrix laser freckle removing

The skin around the dots formed by dot matrix laser freckle and wrinkle removal immediately starts the transverse repair mechanism. These beams can directly penetrate into the dermis, vaporize the tissue at the wrinkles or scars in an instant, and send a strong signal of synthetic collagen, so as to start a series of skin reactions such as tissue repair and collagen rearrangement.

The fresh collagen then proliferates and regenerates, making the skin firm and shiny, reducing wrinkles, disappearing bags under the eyes and flattening scars.

At the same time of dot matrix laser freckle and wrinkle removal, large pigment plaques are blasted into dust, or removed from the body with dandruff, or gradually transported away with lymphatic circulation, so as to achieve the perfect effect of laser freckle removal

Dot matrix laser freckle and wrinkle removal range:

Dot matrix laser treatment is very safe and can cover any part of the body. Symptoms of malaise include various wrinkles (forehead wrinkles, eyebrow wrinkles, eye wrinkles, mouth wrinkles, neck wrinkles, abdominal stretch marks, etc.), loose and falling skin, various color spots, etc.

2、 Advantages of dot matrix laser freckle removal

1、 Wide application range: the focusing micro pixel pulse of dot matrix laser makes the illumination more uniform and the energy more stable. The subdivision of energy makes the range of dot matrix laser freckle treatment wider. It can remove color spots, stimulate collagen proliferation, treat acne scars, smooth wrinkles, repair light damage and pigmentation, and improve skin elasticity and gloss.

2、 The treatment process is comfortable: the focused micro pixel pulse of the dot matrix laser is called non-invasive skin beautification. It has softer penetration, more uniform energy and more stability. The dot matrix laser freckle treatment process has no discomfort and will not cause skin damage. The new illumination method can solve skin problems more carefully, and the effect of dot matrix laser freckle treatment is more prominent.

3、 Safe use: due to the fundamental change of the pulse emission principle of dot matrix laser freckle removal, the laser acts on the skin with focusing micro pixel pulse, which will only produce thermal impact on the small area, and some skin will not be affected. The skin that does not act can be used as a thermal diffusion area to avoid thermal diffusion and promote skin healing at the same time.

3、 Nursing and maintenance after dot matrix laser freckle removal


  1. Try to avoid water on the operation site within 7 days after operation.
  2. Keep the operation site clean to prevent infection. If there is blood scab or secretion on the wound, wipe it with sterile saline.
  3. After the operation, the local wound can be wrapped with pressure or cold compress with ice bag, but the pressure should not be large. In case of bleeding and severe hematoma after operation, return to the hospital in time.
  4. There should be a quiet and comfortable environment for recuperation after operation.
  5. There will be some pain in the wound on the day of operation, but it will gradually reduce over time. Patients should not rush to take pain relieving tablets, because aspirin drugs will aggravate wound bleeding.
  6. Avoid eating irritating food, such as pepper.
  7. Strictly abide by the doctor’s instructions, take medicine and return visit.


  1. After dot matrix laser treatment, sometimes there will be some slight bleeding due to the energy injection of the skin, but it will subside soon;
  2. If the pigment has not completely subsided, the next whitening and freckle removal treatment can be carried out in about 2 months;
  3. Wipe anti-inflammatory ointment every day, the wound will slowly form scabs, and the skin will peel and turn pink in about a week. Pay attention to keep clean during this process And avoid sun exposure, otherwise the skin will turn black;
  4. After laser treatment, the treatment part shall not be exposed to the sun. Avoid other external stimuli.

4、 Harm of traditional freckle removing methods

Compared with the traditional freckle removal methods, dot matrix laser freckle removal is eradicative. The traditional freckle removal methods only work on the skin surface and have no actual effect. For some vascular spots, such as hemangiomas, laser cosmetic surgery will be carried out, which will make the heme in the blood vessels absorb the heat generated by the laser and cause microvascular atrophy, so as to gradually return the skin to normal.

Under normal circumstances, such as freckles, zygomatic nevus, liver spots, mother OTA spots, senile spots and sunburn spots can be treated by laser plastic surgery. In addition to all kinds of spots on the skin, laser can also remove other skin problems. Even tattoos and eyebrows can be eliminated by laser.

Harm of traditional freckle removal

1、 May aggravate melanin deposition:

Traditional freckle treatment results in destructive cases, so we should also pay attention to the repair ability of the skin. Due to the extensive damage of epidermal cell layer, its self repair and UV protection function are affected, which may aggravate the disease.

2、 Dry and cracked skin:

In this way, because it is the treatment of the epidermal layer of the skin, the cuticle needs to be peeled off. In this way, it is easy to cause the loss of skin moisture, vasoconstriction, slow blood flow or blood stasis when the skin encounters a cold environment. The skin loses warm care, resulting in skin tension, wrinkling and even dry cracking, infection and ulceration. At the same time, it accelerates the aging process of the skin.