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Precautions after dot matrix laser how to care after dot matrix laser?

Nowadays, medical beauty technology is developing rapidly and is sought after by many women, such as laser freckle removal, photon rejuvenation, white porcelain dolls, etc. female friends do this at expensive prices for beauty, but some will rebound. Therefore, after completing these medical beauty, we must pay attention to later care. Laser surgery is a widely used project in recent years. What should we pay attention to after dot matrix laser?

  1. Keep the wound clean

After dot matrix laser treatment, the skin will have small wounds invisible to the naked eye, which will generally heal within 24 hours. During this period, keep the wound clean and try not to touch dirty water to avoid wound infection.

  1. Ice sedation

After dot matrix laser treatment, the skin will have slight redness, swelling and pain. Ice compress with ice bag can shrink blood vessels and stop bleeding, calm the skin, help reduce swelling and relieve pain.

  1. Pay attention to sunscreen

Ultraviolet rays will accelerate skin aging and stimulate melanin secretion. After receiving laser dot matrix treatment, the skin’s ability to resist external damage will be reduced. Exposure to the sun will cause greater damage to the skin, and it is easy to leave scars and affect tissue repair.

  1. Don’t make up

Cosmetics contain a variety of chemical components, and some inferior products even contain more heavy metals. After receiving dot matrix laser treatment, the skin will have some small wounds invisible to the naked eye. If you make up immediately, these components are easier to enter the body through the wound and affect the healing of skin tissue.

  1. Don’t pick scabs

After dot matrix laser treatment, the wound will slowly heal and scab. Generally, the scab will fall off after 3-7 days. At this time, do not pick it with your hand, which is easy to cause wound tear, affect the recovery speed, and leave scars.

  1. Strengthen water replenishment

When the water is added to the cuticle, the skin will lose its firmness due to excessive evaporation after laser treatment. After the treatment, we should replenish the water and replenish the mask.

  1. Side effects of laser treatment of acne

Although laser treatment of acne does not require surgery, it also has certain side effects, as follows:

① Local swelling: all patients had mild and moderate local swelling after laser treatment, which was the heaviest 2-3 days after operation and gradually subsided 5-7 days after operation.

② Pigmentation: most of them are hypopigmented at the beginning after treatment, but pigmentation can appear soon. Generally, there is no need for treatment. Pigmentation can subside by itself within 2-4 months.

③ Pruritus: rare. It may mean the healing of the wound, but also be alert to the possibility of infection.

④ Infection: erythema and exudation may appear on the wound surface due to scratching, crushing or water pollution. In case of infection, seek medical attention as soon as possible to promote wound healing as soon as possible, but there may be superficial scars after healing.

⑤ Scar formation: due to the high accuracy of laser, the size and depth of treatment can be strictly controlled, and generally there will be no scar after operation. However, a few can form left sunken scars or stimulate the formation of hypertrophic scars. After scar formation, seek medical treatment as soon as possible to reduce the degree of scar.