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If we try to explore the computer world, are different references points that presentdramatically change in technology. It started with the idea that the user home can be a private computer at home, continued with the arrival of the – GUI (Graphical User Interface), high-speed internet, and now we can say we have entered the Mobile age.

Number of users

if you  go to the local  shopping malls, coffee shop and look at couples, business people, and you’ll see everyone looking at occasionally a small plastic device glowing screen.

Boarded a bus and watch what they do most of the passengers, again most of them connected to a mobile device, if not continuously (listening to music), so occasionally sending instant messaging or call or search for information or watching video and more …

Forecast forward also indicates that a significant increase in the number of users:


The Mobile Users market is expected to reach 2.6 billion devices in 2016 –



The forecast was for 2012 amount of smartphones will be sold exceed the amount of computers. And what happened in 2011 (a year before the forecast)?


Number of Mobile Users

The graph below indicates an increase of 67% drop in mobile browsing from 2012 to 2013.


The user not only browsing, it also doing online shopping through mobilelike eBay and PayPal.As above Graph Indicate a significant increase in the number of users doing anybuying via mobile devices around the world. After understanding the cellular era is here, the question arises:

Will Develop a Responsive Website or application?

Responsive Web

Similar in Mobile friendly website normal Develop  HTML pages linked together and can be viewed in a browser over the Internet usually in Mobile wifi or 4G, 3G.Themaindifferences between a normal mobile websiteis in full screen, internet speed and accuracy capability of the user performing interactive features.

As a usual responsive website can also display texts, data from a database such as search results, for instance images and video. Responsive Webcan take advantage of the features of the mobile device as a click on a number to call or location based data for example yellow pages site that provides search results according to the user’s geographical location.


The Mobile Applications (Apps) are software that must be downloaded and installed on your mobile phone. The download deals portal provided, Android from Google play and Apple AppStore. The application connects to the Internet to download information, updates or for later use when you run the application without the need for Internet.

The choice whether to develop a website or App depends on the goal of the organization or company. If you develop a game so of course App is the right choice, but if you want to migrate user-friendly information for Mobile Cell Phone So responsive website usually the solution.

There are organizations also need to decide that website and Mobile App, but you can safely say that normally have previously constructed a Responsive Web Design and then the app.

If the goal of business is out in the open on the Internet is no doubt that the choice of the website, while the selection of application (app) is much more targeted purposes these cannot be achieved in your browser.

Benefits responsive Websites and Mobile Apps

Interfaces- After raising internet usersyou can inspect it immediately if it’s a variety of devices Apple devices, android, blackberry and more. However there is an app to download the appropriate website and then install, so that the process consists of several steps up to the phases of access.

Compatibility-:responsive website can browse all cell phones tables and desktop. On the other hand Mobile Apps requires a different version for each type of device.

Update- A website can be updated immediately. All you need to do is upload an updated version servers and the user can view it.

Mobile Apps to notify the user has an existing update and the download, or allow automatic update download option aswell.

Sharing- Website URL can be shared easily between different users through the social networks, text messages and e-mail. You can also share the address (url)in different sites and blogs.

Appsimply cannot share in that way.

The ability to reach a huge audience – because sharing capabilities, suitable for all cell phones and the ability to easily reach the website through search enginesoptimization (SEO) websiteaccess large number of users.

Life cycle – the trial version of most Apps is less than 30 days, so some studies tell that App needs to be very useful and unique to prolong the mobile device. Other side responsive website will always be there for the user to be able to come back to it.

A responsive website can act as an Apps – you have to develop a responsive website that is connected to a database and acts as a functional application (App).That site can be a substitute for practical application development.

Costs and development time – Mobile App development takes long time and cost, especially if the client has an extensive support for various devices.

Support – After completing the development of additional investment is required app for updates, compatibility testing and further changes.

Advantages of an optimized Responsive Website And Apps

Interactive/Games –for example Games like Candy Crush, they always need to preferred solution for Apps.

Target audience – people tend to download applications that they use on a daily basis for example, mobile phone users prefer to go to the Facebook app and optimized website.

Optimize – When the user needs an App that provides a solution for his personal requirements,Such as Ever Note great free app Sync allows to synchronize almost any content, the mobile computer.

Complex calculations and reports – if the user needs to learn to perform complex calculations on it and generate reports (like banking or investment), an application that will allow doing so effectively.

Using phone features – The browser knows how to utilize some of the features like phone for text messaging, many additional features to applications such as the camera, flash light and features and interactive environment of mobile device.

Communication – if the user needs to perform various operations with no network or Internet connection app is the answer.


For most mid-sized business / big budget or mobile app is animportance in the competence mobile era. You have to plan carefully about the target audience, immediate and usability website or application (App) to address the real optimal financial investment.

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Illahi Bux

A freelancer Web & Mobile Developer,Trainer and Project Rescue. Help people in web & mobile developing for a variety of clients both near and far to grow the business.live truthfully and embrace their lives through creativity.

A freelancer Web & Mobile Developer,Trainer and Project Rescue. Help people in web & mobile developing for a variety of clients both near and far to grow the business.live truthfully and embrace their lives through creativity.

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