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What are the advantages and characteristics of dot matrix laser acne removal?

Dot matrix laser technology is the latest and hottest in the past two years, and it is also the most concerned new skin beauty technology in the global skin industry. It is a minimally invasive treatment between invasive and non-invasive. The lattice laser can emit 50% light through the high focus mirror μ m-80 μ M, and scan these focal spots into up to 6 kinds of rectangular patterns (circle, square, rectangle, diamond, triangle and linear), which are suitable for the treatment of different parts and different skin types respectively.

How does dot matrix laser remove acne pits?

From the point array laser can destroy the original tissue of the skin and promote skin regeneration, that is, we often say the principle of damage and repair to remove acne pits. After dot matrix laser treatment, new skin cells will replace acne pits, so dot matrix laser has a better effect of removing acne pits.

Under normal circumstances, one peeling dot matrix laser and non peeling dot matrix laser can significantly reduce the acne marks of acne pits. After treatment, the acne marks on the face can be basically removed after the recovery period. In addition, the whole face can become more transparent because the dot matrix laser can also effectively stimulate the regeneration of skin collagen and restore the uneven skin with acne pits.

Advantages and features of dot matrix laser acne removal:

  1. The curative effect is fast and the pain is small.
  2. It is a necessary weapon to treat all kinds of pox pits, especially serious pox pits.
  3. No scar: when the dot matrix laser acts on the skin, it will only produce thermal shock on the small area, and the rest of the skin will not be affected.
  4. Pingkeng + rejuvenation: the skin tissue affected by dot matrix laser can remove color spots, stimulate the proliferation of collagen, shrink pores and fade fine lines, so as to achieve the effect of “wrinkle removal and rejuvenation”.

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