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What is the effect of dot matrix laser anti acne pit?

What is the effect of dot matrix laser anti acne pit? What is the application scope of dot matrix laser? Pox pit is a kind of defect scar. Many people have tried scar removing cream and repair water, which are useless. However, the use of medical and aesthetic methods can well solve acne pits.

Under normal circumstances, do a stripping dot matrix laser and non stripping dot matrix laser, you can significantly reduce the acne marks of acne pits. After treatment, the acne marks on the face can be basically removed after the recovery period. In addition, the whole face can become more transparent because the dot matrix laser can also effectively stimulate the regeneration of skin collagen and restore the uneven skin with acne pits.

  1. It is suitable for removing wrinkles: hand, neck and face wrinkles (especially around the mouth and eyes), and reducing deep head lifting lines and stretch marks.
  2. Remove scars and acne, especially acne scars, trauma scars, postoperative scars and frostbite scars.
  3. It can improve chloasma and treat skin superficial pigmented diseases, such as freckles, coffee spots, senile spots and other pigmented diseases.
  4. It can improve photoaging skin and coarse pores, and thicken the skin layer.
  5. It can be used to cut and gasify skin vegetations, such as warts, nevus, actinic keratosis, seborrheic keratosis, sebaceous adenoma, syringoma, removing eye bags, hemangioma, red blood filaments, etc.

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