What is the Word Press Website Migration Checklist?

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In this article I will details discuss about WP Migration checklist for those who don’t know, a websites migration are  when you change a website from one hosting  sever  or environment to another.
This could be shifting a website from a current server to production server -from development to the existing website. It could also mean shifting the site from a one sub-domain to another domain on the same server.
Website migration is one of the last steps in launching a new or redesigned website. Because there are many shifting elements to keep track of when shifting a Word Press site,
I would   mention the checklist for a manual website migration of one WordPress website to another.

The WP Website Migration Checklist

  • Database Backups
  • Original Hosting
  • Databases
  • Name Servers
  • Ways to Migrate


Database Backups 

If you are managing website individual or company. You should take backing up regularly basis through schedule or manual. There are a lot of plugin available can support you make backups; for website migration, you will essential the database of the website you are moving.
The select to export your site database is in a SQL zip file. If you are migrating one Word Press site website to another, this like staging website to a live website, you direct import the database from one website into another. I would recommend to following easy way to make with this premium plugin WP Migrate DB Pro.  In the WP Migrate DB Pro you do a find and replace on all instance of you staging URL; changing it with the target URL.that specialty alone is worth the price. If you are individual WP website that would be small you done with   the WordPress Importer;
If you will do large sites with actually you have to do backup SQL Database most safe and secure way to backup. sometimes you  are  shifting  your site from other  platform into WordPress, be sure to check  plugin of Importing Content  and  webpage on the WordPress Codex for detail steps.

As  long as  apart from  platforms; I suggest progressing your website to a WordPress staging site first, to workout content formatting and layout, and then shifting  it to a live WordPress site.
One  thing always remember   that keeping your original site live until you are ready to launch the new WordPress version of your website. This way, you can double check and make sure you’ve collected all the contents, and you can compare and make changes to your development website.
Once you take out the plug on your initial site you don’t way to go back and obtain files you may have missed. Some Sites like Archive.org take “snapshots” of web pages and cache them, but it is not 100% comprehensive.

Original Hosting

You do not worry how you are exporting or importing the original database, identify that you find the complete database.The mostly web owners want to moving a site from one web host company to another is slow hosting. Reliable hosting is always a great investment. While shared hosting or expire servers often time out before files can be properly exported.
That would be another good reason to migrating a site from low hosting to a staging server on best  hosting, and lastly  to your production server.


Make sure your current database is well-kept and free of jerks or compromises before shifting it to a new server.
Mostly managed Word press hosts server scan for malware. The some site infections or hidden users that   in your database, plugins, or theme files may not be detected if you move them over.
These are not always easy to spot. Just keep your eyes open for anything that seems out of the ordinary before you move your existing database to your new hosting environment.

WordPress Content Files

WordPress database keep the options for your plugins; your website menus, posts and pages. It does not store image files, PDFs, theme files or plugins.
You should take download these separately.
I n the wp-content folder is what you will need to store from the staging website. also include WordPress theme plugins, folders and the uploads folder ,that holds  all your PDFs, images ,video and audio files.
You are going to do final migration before that make sure these are uploaded to the server you are shifting your site too. Then use a FTP tool like Cuteftp  or Filezilla  to download or upload files directly to the server. May take time to large website so plan in advance.

Name Servers

In cases where you are shifting an existing site from one server to another, the last move is switching the name servers of the domain name.
Name servers inform the domain name which server they would point towards.  That staging site set to get a production (live) website, then all you want to do is point the name servers that direction.
The domain name may be taking time of shifting somewhere from a few hours to a few days to point towards the new server. This cycle is called domain propagation.
That process depend at Internet Service Providers (ISPs) few  take long time and some are very shortly time  up  your domain name . it’s may take time due to  location  of servers hosted as well .

Ways to Migrate

There are a lot of free plugins out there that can help you help migrating the database, as Duplicator or WP Move. Mostly they don’t work if your server out date software or is low on resources. As mention plugins run best when the website is average sized; and both hosting server environments are running the most updated software.
You can use WP Migrate DB Pro invaluable for migrating WordPress sites, and replace the old domain with the new one throughout the database.
You can also import the SQL database using phpAdmin. This isn’t my first choice; as you still have to get all the instances of the staging domain name and replace them with the live site domain name.
Few  hosting companies are charging  you migration  sites for a fee. Fly wheel, a managed WordPress host, really helps you migrate your word press websites for free.


There is a lot to way to think about when shifting a WordPress site. My selected plan of attack is to shift the all files; then move the database, then (if applicable) moves the domain name. You can call name servers.

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A freelancer Web & Mobile Developer,Trainer and Project Rescue. Help people in web & mobile developing for a variety of clients both near and far to grow the business.live truthfully and embrace their lives through creativity.

A freelancer Web & Mobile Developer,Trainer and Project Rescue. Help people in web & mobile developing for a variety of clients both near and far to grow the business.live truthfully and embrace their lives through creativity.

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